The Beauty of TPA Rawa Kucing

There are different sights at the Municipal Swamp Landfill (TPA). The previously unsightly junk garbage, transformed into a green hill planted with grass and shady trees.

Head of UPTD Rawa kucing Marsan explained, unnamed green hills built about two months. The first month is used to build up garbage.

"After 40 days, the new concept is to plant crops. Not only that, but we need to think about water sources the plants. So we dig around the hill and will be a source of absorption and can be used to water, "he explained.

green Hill with a height of 18 meters is also won Diklatpim IV Force 75 level Banten Province. The project turned out to be without a budget. The green hill is built using materials of waste material.

"Initially it was a training task from the province. I gave the title of Environmentally Friendly TPA arrangement from the arive land so the beautiful green pastures dotted the merindang. It has never been done anywhere, "he explained.

Interestingly, Sanitary landfill with garden concept. 3,800 square meters is actually more cost-effective than Bio membranes that spend a budget of 4 billion and only cover about 1 hectare.

Marsan said, if later will be allowed, it will make three times larger than the previous hill.